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The Scouting Way

Why Join the Scouting Program?

A Boy Scout troop is a vehicle to deliver the aims of Scouting which are packaged in the form of program.  A successful troop program will provide boys the opportunity to:

 Practice citizenship through patrol activities and patrol leaders' council (PLC) meetings.

Grow in self-reliance by participating in outdoor adventures.

Gain an appreciation for the environment and God's handiwork through camping.

Have a positive and understandable code to live by in the Scout Oath and Law.

Participate in activities that are good wholesome fun.

Signs of a Successful Troop Program

A troop should be evaluated against its use of the methods of Boy Scouting.  A troop exists to help boys reach the aims of Scouting by using Boy Scout methods.

Aims of Scouting

Participating citizenship, growth in moral strength and character, and the development of physical and mental fitness are the aims of Scouting.  Methods of Boy Scouting

1.      Ideals.  Spelled out in the Scout Oath, Scout Law, motto, and slogan.

2.      Patrols.  Provide practice in participating citizenship.

3.      Outdoors.  Scouting takes place outdoors where boys learn to share responsibility close to nature.

4.      Advancement.  Boys grow in confidence as they work for and achieve goals.

5.      Adult Association.  Boys need contact with adults they can copy.

6.      Uniform.  Creates a positive image for youth and a visible force for good within the community.

7.      Leadership Development.  Continuous opportunity exists to practice skills of leadership.

8.      Personal Growth.  A conscious effort made to guide each boy's development.

Every troop meeting or activity should demonstrate some Scout method.  Over a period of time all seven methods should be evident in troop operations.

(used by permission from the Calumet Council Home Page - www.calcouncil.org)