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The Scouting Way
Forms and Documents

  Camp Betz - Map & Directions
  Campfire Program Planner (pdf file)
  Campout Tent Log (pdf file)
  Duty Roster - Weekend (xls file)
  Patrol Camping Gear (pdf file)
  Personal Camping Gear Spring/Fall Weekend (pdf file)
  Personal Camping Gear Summer Week (pdf file)
  Personal Camping Gear Summer Weekend (pdf file)
  Tarps & Shelters (pdf file)
  Where to go Camping Guide (pdf file)
  Weekend Menu - Blank
Summer Camp 2015
  Medical Form
  Merit Badge Schedule Rota-Kiwan 2015
  Summer Camp Information 2015
Summer Camp 2016
  Camp Frontier Merit Badge Prerequsites 2016
  Camp Frontier Merit Badge Schedule 2016
  Medical Form
  Dutch Oven Cookbook (pdf file)
  Foil Cookbook (pdf file)
  Meeting Plan - Blank (pdf file)
  Patrol Phone Calls (pdf file)
  Troop Position Application
  Uniform Inspection Sheet - Scout (.pdf file)
  Uniform Inspection Sheet - Adult (pdf file)
Troop Documents
  A Guide to Conducting Boards of Review (pdf file)
  BSA Troop 348 Leadership Responsibilities (pdf file)
  BSA Troop 348 Leadership Responsibilities Overview (pdf file)
  Troop Resource Survey (pdf file)
  Uniform requirements and classifications

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